Fields and farms found in the ..
Fields and farms found in the Azores

Welcome: Thank you for visiting Dads Slides. My father Lynn Jay Healey has always loved to take pictures.  And has over the years taken thousands.  Many of which as his kids we have only seen when there are gatherings and a slide show has been put on.  With time all things come to a end and it seems the age of slide shows has gone with all the rest.  This is my atempt to take those thousands of slides and make a site where his childern,  grand childeren and others may enjoy those old slides and reconnect with our past.

Richard geting a bath in the t..
Richard geting a bath in the tub

Pictures: The pictures were taken with 35 mm camera and saved on slides.  They were then concerted from slides by Richard Lynn Healey to JPG pictures and put here on the web with the aid of a nice slide converter device made by VuPoint Soltions.  Many of the pictures have been cropped and edited to fix minor issues but most will be as they were taken by my dad.

So please enjoy your stay.  Feel free to book mark this site and share it with your friends.  This site is offerd free as a legacy to my parents and there family.  The Google addes placed on the site are done so to generate enough income to support the cost of hosting the site.  Please feel free to click any of the adds and visit the sponsors of those sites.

Scouts swimming in pool at cam..
Scouts swimming in pool at camp tracy

Free Pictures : You may download any of these pictures for free for personal use.  If you want to use them professionaly you must conntact the site owner for permission to use them (which will still most likely be free).  If you want to place the images in your own site please do so, all we request is that you leave a link back to this site so that we can get the credit for it.  Thanks now go enjoy the pictures.

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