Wood Badge patrol assembled
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Wood Badge patrol assembled

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Scouting's Wood Badge training is a leadership program to teach scouting leaders to be better leaders. They learn skills on how to do the patrol method in there home troops, teaching leadership skills and creating a bond to the scouting movement. Courses generally have a combined classroom and practical outdoors-based phase followed by a Wood Badge ticket. The first Wood Badge training was held in September 1919. When completed you receive your Wood Badge Beads a pair of small wooden beads, one on each end of a leather thong (string), is worn around the neck as part of the Scout uniform. Also a taupe neckerchief bearing a tartan patch of the Maclaren clan. The neckerchief with the braided leather woggle (neckerchief slide) denotes the membership of the 1st Gilwell Scout Group or Gilwell Troop 1. Recipients of the Wood Badge are known as Wood Badgers or Gilwellians. Wood Badge Sep 1983
Picture Dated September 1983

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