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Originaly my plans were to sell my Website Stats. Because of the cost to advertise and the avaliblity of other Stats programs I have decided at this time to stop selling my Stats and to give them away for free. I have spent many hundreds of hours creating modifying and updating my stats. And all that hard work can not go to wast. So starting Today 2/14/2006 the full version of the code will be given for free.

My plans are to take the full version that I use on my site and edit them and modify them to include some advertising using google addsence. Once this is done I will post them for any one that would like to download for free. I am hoping that the little I make from the limited advertising will compinsate me for the time and effort I have put into my stats.

I am still willing to customize the stats that I have created for your site. By either making them fit your sites style or by adding and or removing any thing in the current version of the code. My current rates for programming is $30 an hour. I am avalible for full and part time programming work.

The full version has links to visitors by data, hour, month, and week. The referring sites page allows you to easily track your visitors and automatic link backs to those referring sites. Feel free to modify text and backgrounds to best fit your site. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or help installing on your site.

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